"Tangled Up" Fishing Line C Cuff Resin Bangle

"Tangled Up" Fishing Line C Cuff Resin Bangle


Each bracelet is based on the example image shown, with the selected mix and color of marine debris hand collected from our beaches.

Fishing Line & Microplastic Eco Resin C Cuff Bracelet

Help Malama our Beaches and help those who volunteer to keep Microplastics and Ocean Debris that wash up on our shorelines from re-entering the ocean and causing more damage to our Environment. With each Ocean Series Bracelet sold $5.00 will go towards Volunteer groups who help maintain our shorelines and reefs.

Our Ocean Minded Resin Bangles are hand cast with Eco Artist Jewelery Grade Resin with no VOC’s

SIZE: SM-LG or INNER DIAMETER 2 3/8" - 2 1/2" (slightly adjustable)
INNER CIRCUMFERENCE 8 3/8" (21.2 cm)
HEIGHT 1 3/8" (3.3 cm)

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