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Table Place Mats

Dine in Paradise every night! Made of a high quality soft polyester blend, our place mats are easily washed and dried with no shrinking or ironing required

Also perfect for protecting and dressing up your bedside or coffee tables with a little touch of Aloha.


Luggage Name Tags

Let your bag stand out with our bright and beautiful Luggage Tags, printed with high quality ink fused into the durable acrylic finish, you will be able to quickly see and ID your bag! Use any permanent marker on the back. *nail polish remover should take most permanent inks off if you need to make a change or correction


Aloha Tote bags

Our Up Cycled Aloha Totes are the perfect on the go shopping, travel, beach bag or gift. Each tote is a one of kind. Sizes very based on the size of the original Aloha Shirt.

Textiles and fabric are difficult to recycle and most of it ends up in landfills (it is estimated 65lbs per person a month) which is a big problem for the environment. Hawaii is a plastic bag free state and most locations no longer provide bags, shoppers bring their own or need to purchase at check out.

Know you are contributing to the environment and recycling efforts every time you use your Aloha Tote!